MRC Sleep & Snore uses the highest quality of technology to assess your sleep. Working in conjunction with Philips Healthcare Inc., patients can undergo sleep studies at the convenience of their own home. We use the Alice Night One, the only portable home testing device that is fully compatible with the Philips Somnolyer scoring solution which results in great accuracy and quick results.

For an in home sleep study please complete Sleep Study Requisition Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to use the Alice NightOne Screening Device?
No. With minimal sensors and intuitive icons, Alice NightOne is easy for patients to setup themselves and limits discomfort while they sleep, one of our trained representatives will also provide instructions.

Where does the training take place?
At one of our convenient locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Will I be able to sleep?

Can I drink coffee or tea before going to sleep?
No. You should avoid any caffeine products after 3pm of your sleep screening night.

Can I take my medication?
Yes, you should take your medication as usual.

Will I need to be plugged into the wall?
AliceNight One is battery operated. We will provide you with new batteries.

Will I be able to move during the night?

Can I get out of bed during the night?
Yes. In a home sleep screening the portable monitor has a convenient pouch; so it can follow you anywhere.

What will happen next?
Your sleep study will be analysed by sleep specialists who will make an appointment with you to discuss the results.

Is the screening covered under OHIP?
No. There is a small fee associated with the screening. Please call for more details.