Adult Nasal Cannula-Vinyl

Comfortable and Reliable Cannula for Oxygen Therapy

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Soft, curved prongs for a natural airflow
  • Max flow rate of 6LPM
  • Includes male end and is compatible with our 25ft oxygen tubing




This is an adult size cannula with soft, curved prongs for comfort. It is extremely quiet and provides you optimal oxygen therapy without disrupting daily tasks. The end connector is male, making it compatible with our 25-foot oxygen tubing. Giving you a total of 25-feet of tubing to allow you to move without dragging your oxygen concentrator with you.

Instructions For Use

Insert nasal tips into nostrils, with tab toward the face. Position smaller tubes over the ears and under the chin. Adjust the slider for a comfortable flow. Attach/connect to an oxygen source, regulate to prescribed flow.

This cannula is recommended for individuals using lower pressures (≤6LPM), as higher pressures with cannulas can be uncomfortable for the user.

**Remember to replace your cannula anywhere between 14-30 days at your discretion.