AirFit ™ F10 Full Face Interface for Her with Headgear

A light-weight Full Face Interface with superior comfort with a pop of colour!

  • SoftEdge™ headgear with rolled-edge fabric and slimmed down straps to reduce mark and increase comfort
  • Easy-to-use FOUR parts system
  • Circular venting to reduce noise
  • Quick-release elbow with side buttons


The majority of patients could be set up and fitted with AirFit F10 in under two minutes! Due to its built-in simplicity and four-part design, the interface is also easier for patients to use — helping to reduce call backs and save time.

Designed with SoftEdge™ headgear to provide gentle contact with the face. This features premium rolled-edge fabric for reduced facial marking. The headgear easily attaches to the interface hooks to reduce difficulty of reattaching/detaching. The overall frame is lightweight and designed for durability with a clear line of sight.

The interface contains a circular diffused venting style to gently disperse air and further reduce noise. Your bed partner can rest assured any unnecessary noise will be controlled! The interface also includes a quick-release elbow with side buttons for fast detachment.

The AirFit F10 also has cushion-to-frame connection to make the attachment of parts struggle-free. The cushions features a dual-wall Spring Air cushion to provide the most comfortable feel as well as the highest performance seal possible!

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Extra Small, Medium