Disposable Face Masks 50pcs/box

Comfortable and Breathable Disposable Face Mask.

  • 3-ply to provide maximum protection
  • Individually packaged to prevent contamination
  • Moldable nose bridge bar to prevent bacteria etc from entering superiorly


Product Performance and Structure

The mask is composed of the mask face layer, nose bridge bar, and ear loops. The mask face layer made of three divisible layers. The inner layer is skin-friendly (nonwovens). The middle layer is the filtration layer (melt-blown fabric). The outermost layer is an anti-bacterial layer made of special material (nonwovens). This provides high permeability, filtration, no odor, and maximal comfort.


  1. Make sure it is within the validity period and the package is complete, open the package and remove the mask;
  2. To cover your face, choose the desired method, such as looping the mask around the ears (you can tie the loops to make them shorter);
  3. Fan out the mask and secure the nose bridge to ensure the nose and mouth are fully covered;
  4. Please respect the environment and others by properly disposing of a contaminated/used mask


  • Dimensions: 17.5cm x 5cm
  • Quantity: 50 pcs
  • Gender: unisex