DR-HO'S® Large Gel Pads Replacement Pads | 1 Pair

DR-HO’S® Large Gel Pads Replacement Pair comes complete with a pair of large replacement gel pads. Use the Large Flex Tone Pads for a deeper penetrating and more soothing massage.

The Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit can be used to with any of DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy Systems.


DR-HO’S® Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit contains electrode gel pads that are sized to provide an extra deep, penetrating, and soothing massage. The relaxation effects will feel great on large muscle areas and relieve muscle tension, numbness and pain.

Key benefits for Large Replacement Tens Pads:
  • Perfect for large muscle groups
  • Great for shoulder pain
  • Effective for wrist and arm pain
  • High-quality & reusable
  • Excellent for leg pain
  • Self-adhesive

Massage pads can be reused 70 to 100 times. Replace pads after 70 to 100 uses.